Cedear Programs: Corporates

JOHNSON & JOHNSON JNJ6.73 DJNJ2-XD003 8271 ARDEUT112679 478160AF1 15-Nov And 15-May 11/15/2023 more
JOHNSON & JOHNSON JNJ6.95 DJNJ3-XD004 8272 ARDEUT112687 478160AJ3 01-Sep And 01-Mar 9/1/2029 more
EXXON MOBIL CORP. XOM8 5/8 DXOM2-XD006 8274 ARDEUT112703 607059AT9 15-Aug And 15-Feb 8/15/2021 more
MERCK & CO Inc. 4 ¾   01/03/15 MRK 4 ¾ 03/01/15 DMRK2 8448 ARDEUT116308 589331AK3 01-Mar And 01-Sep 01/03/2015 more
 THE PROCTER & GAMBLE Co. 3,15 01/09/15 PG 3.15 09/01/15 DPG4 8450 ARDEUT116324 742718DQ9 01-Mar And 01-Sep 01/09/2015 more
THE PROCTER & GAMBLE Co.3 1/2 15/02/15 PG 3 1/2 02/15/15 DPG5 8460 ARDEUT116423 742718DM8 15-Feb And 15-Aug 15/02/2015 more
PFIZER Inc. 5,35 15/03/15 PFE 5.35 03/15/15 DPFE3 8461 ARDEUT116431 717081DA8 15-Mar And 15-Sep 15/03/2015 more
WAL-MART STORES Inc. 4 1/2 01/07/15 WMT 4 1/2 07/01/15 DWMT6 8462 ARDEUT116449 931142BY8 01-Jan And  01-Jul 01/07/2015 more
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The following questions and answers were developed based on the most common inquiries received at Deutsche Bank as CEDEAR Issuer and Custodian. The answers should increase the understanding of the CEDEAR as a new Argentine security. more


This glossary of terms is provided as an attachment for additional assistance in understanding the CEDEAR structure and dynamics. more


Deutsche Bank CEDEAR/CEVA professionals will be pleased to discuss with investors and their brokers the material contained herein and to answer any questions that may arise related to CEDEARs/CEVAs, their features, uses and requirements. more

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