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Table of contents:

Section 1


Certificados de Depósito Argentinos Defined The Origin of the CEDEAR Sponsored vs. Unsponsored CEDEARs


Section 2


Participants in the CEDEAR Market
Responsibilities of CEDEAR Market Participants

  1. The Investor
  2. The Argentine Broker
  3. The Foreign Broker
  4. The CEDEAR Issuer
  5. The Custodian
  6. The Clearing Agency in the Home Market of the Represented Shares
  7. The Clearing Agency in the CEDEAR Home Market
  8. The Argentine Market Regulators

The Issuance and Cancellation Process
Trading CEDEARs in the Stock Market - The Settlement Cycle
Processing Corporate Actions

  1. Dividend Payment
  2. Proxy Voting
Section 3


CEDEAR Benefits
Benefits to Brokers
Benefits to Investors
Transaction Costs


Section 4


Investor Targeted Universe
Questions and Answers
Glossary of Terms


Section 5


Exhibit 1: CEDEARs – Issuance Process
Exhibit 2: CEDEARs – Cancellation Process
Exhibit 3: CEDEARs – Dividend Payment
Exhibit 4: CEDEAR Group at Deutsche Bank
Exhibit 5: CNV Resolution N.291

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions of Use apply to use of the "Deutsche Bank AG CEDEAR Website" (the "Website"). more

The following questions and answers were developed based on the most common inquiries received at Deutsche Bank as CEDEAR Issuer and Custodian. The answers should increase the understanding of the CEDEAR as a new Argentine security. more


This glossary of terms is provided as an attachment for additional assistance in understanding the CEDEAR structure and dynamics. more


Deutsche Bank CEDEAR/CEVA professionals will be pleased to discuss with investors and their brokers the material contained herein and to answer any questions that may arise related to CEDEARs/CEVAs, their features, uses and requirements. more

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