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Hong Kong students enjoy Hong Kong Arts Festival through the Young Friends programme

February 2016 │ Hong Kong

For the third year, Deutsche Bank is a proud sponsor of Hong Kong Arts Festival’s Young Friends Programme, which aims to involve local students, particularly those from less privileged backgrounds. Hong Kong Arts Festival is a major international arts festival, offering a broad spectrum of programmes aimed at enriching the cultural life of the city.

This year’s festival ran from February 19 to March 20, featuring 1,400 acclaimed artists from Hong Kong and around the world in 119 performances. Ranging from Shakespeare to Chinese opera, the eclectic lineup attracted 109,000 people.

The Young Friends Programme reached out to 19,000 students, giving them access to the arts which they may not often otherwise enjoy. The program allowed these students to not only attend performances, but participate in workshops, lectures, meet-and-greets and other educational activities.

Donna Chang, Chief Operating Officer of Deutsche Bank Hong Kong, attended the Young Friends Prize Presentation Ceremony, an annual occasion to celebrate the effort and contribution by participating schools, teachers, volunteers and interns.

As part of the programme, Deutsche Bank also sponsored a Beijing opera workshop for students in TWGHs S. C. Gaw Memorial College, a school that Deutsche Bank Hong Kong has been partnering with. The workshop was conducted by renowned performance group One Beijing opera. The students enjoyed the exposure to traditional Chinese arts, and had the opportunity to attend a One Beijing Opera performance after the workshop.

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