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Deutsche Bank Beijing volunteers decorate after-school community centre for migrant children

May 2016 │ China

On Sunday, April 24, as part of the Bank’s Born to Be programme, 12 Deutsche Bank volunteers and their families from the Beijing branch helped paint and decorate the Vibrant Communities Heiqiao Centre, an after-school community learning centre located in a suburban area of Beijing, on its re-opening day.

Due to restructuring, the Heiqiao Centre was relocated. Its new premises include a bungalow with four rooms, and a small basketball court. The volunteers helped paint and decorate the outside walls of the Centre. Although none of the volunteers had any painting experience, they quickly picked it up, working in three groups. Some worked on the design, drawing lines and shapes while another group mixed paint colours, and the rest helped colouring in the shapes. As a result of the excellent team effort, the mission was accomplished faster than expected.

A volunteer said, “I am so proud of the successful teamwork today. Everyone was devoted, and enjoyed themselves while having lots of fun. It gives you a strong sense of accomplishment when you see the final work.”

The volunteers also prepared a small but sweet opening event in the afternoon for the migrant children in the Centre – a quiz about reading, where the children were encouraged share about their favourite books and characters. They were also invited to contribute ideas on how to manage the library in the Centre, and promote reading amongst families and friends. Each child was given a storybook at the end of the quiz to encourage reading. The children enjoyed the activity and one said, “I love this book and would like to attend the activity again!”

The manager of Vibrant Communities Heiqiao Centre, Xiaohua Lv, said, “We appreciate the great work by Deutsche Bank volunteers. The painting is so impressive – it looks like it was done by the professionals. Thanks to Deutsche Bank throughout the years for your efforts in making Heiqiao Centre a better place for children to study and stay.”

Vibrant Communities is a Chinese registered non-profit organisation dedicated to migrant youth empowerment. Mainly funded by Deutsche Bank, the Vibrant Communities Heiqiao Centre has been offering free after-school social and educational programmes to hundreds of migrant children and their parents for five consecutive years.

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