Deutsche Bank is committed to the local community in Sri Lanka

December 2016 │ Sri Lanka

Wherever Deutsche Bank does business, we are committed to building stronger and more inclusive communities. Throughout the year, Deutsche Bank Sri Lanka has addressed the key concerns of communities through local investment, donations and volunteer support from employees.

Earlier in the year, Deutsche Bank extended its support of Corps of Sri Lanka Engineers to construct disabled friendly toilets for severely injured soldiers for the second consecutive year. For many injured soldiers, a bespoke toilet is a luxury they cannot afford, yet such a set-up would dramatically improve their quality of life.

Deutsche Bank volunteers were also involved in the construction. 13 of them traveled 250 kilometres from Colombo to a beneficiary’s home to help mix concrete and move sand, bricks and tiles. The volunteers described this initiative as “a small gesture of gratitude for those who sacrificed their lives to make someone else’s life better.”

The bank also funded a vision care clinic in partnership with Sethseya Foundation in Kumbiyangoda, a rural town located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. The town is home to a significant number of people who lack the means of obtaining basic medical care, especially for their eyesight.

The clinic was launched in September with the help of Deutsche Bank volunteers. Vision tests were conducted for more than 600 patients and spectacles prescribed when necessary. Qualified optometrists were also on hand to attend to the needs of the patients on the day and ensured that ailments were clearly identified in order to diagnose the correct treatment.

Most recently, a group of 42 Deutsche Bank volunteers travelled to Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka. They visited Vanni, a rural area where some children walk an average of 10 to 15 kilometres a day to reach their schools. To lessen the daily commute, the bank worked with Olirum Vaalyu, a social service organisation in Vanni, to donate 77 bicycles (one bicycle each to 77 children) who lost their parents in the civil war seven years ago.  In addition, as a partner with the Organisation for Eelam Refugees Rehabilitation (OfERR), staff volunteers helped refurbish a co-operative hospital located nearby.

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Last Update: December 12, 2016
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