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A week with Willing Hearts

May 2014 │ Singapore

Willing Hearts is a 100% volunteer-based, non-profit organisation that provides 4,000 meals every day to underprivileged, needy and other marginalised individuals in Singapore.

During the September volunteering month last year, Deutsche Bank Singapore volunteers first started working at Willing Hearts. Since then, multiple volunteering sessions have been organised to help out at the Soup kitchen. This May, for the first time, close to 100 Deutsche Bank volunteers participated in a Willing Hearts week, where each day from Monday to Friday in the week of May 19 to 23, approximately 20 employees visited the soup kitchen to volunteer their time.

Volunteers arrived in the early hours of the day to be greeted by an overwhelming mountain of vegetables waiting to be prepared for cooking. First-time volunteers were surprised by the scale of the operation and the amount of food that were to be readied and cooked. Tasks that seemed small – such as peeling carrots, chopping vegetables, stirring food, packing food into boxes – became tiring after hours of repetition.

Recounting his experience, Sarosh Israr, Operations Officer, Global Business Services said, “There are a very few times when a few hours of physical hard work have given me so much satisfaction and this day is definitely up there on that list. I would encourage more people to volunteer and get involved with a charity because we are lucky to be in a position to help another human being regardless of the colour, creed, caste or religion and I can assure you that the feeling of giving something back is second to none.”

At the end of the day, not only did the volunteers go home with a rewarding and fulfilling experience, they had enjoyed the experience throughout.

The demand for meals has increased from 3,000 in September 2013 to the current 4,000 meals per day. To cater to the increase in demand, Willing Hearts will move to new premises in August. They are seeking donations to purchase five units of combi-ovens, which are more energy efficient and would streamline cooking. Find out more how you can help here:

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Last Update: June 27, 2014
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