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Art talk sponsored by Deutsche Bank Taiwan inspires youth to be innovative

December 2014 │ Taiwan

To build on Deutsche Bank's belief that art can inspire young people to be innovative, in its second year of support, Deutsche Bank Taiwan sponsored an arts talk on December 28. The talk was conducted by Professor Chiang Hsun, a renowned Taiwanese writer, poet and painter who actively promotes art and aesthetics.

Around 150 high school students from Banqiao Senior High School were invited to the event, with most of the students from low-income families but keen to enrich themselves.  Professor Chiang led the audience  to explore the symbolic meaning of some Buddhist sculptures in various forms to understand their philosophical meaning as well as the core value of the religion -- being able to let go without fear.

Sharing her impressions of the talk, one of the students, Pei Rong, said, “It was indeed an inspiring talk as Professor Chiang summarised the beauty of art and the wisdom of Buddhism, articulating it in a way that could provoke us to reflect on ourselves – it  made me think about how I should live my life to the fullest.” Thanking Deutsche Bank for giving him the opportunity to attend the talk, another student, Yu Nong, said, “I may be too young to fully understand the core values of Buddhism at this stage of my life, but I appreciated the opportunity to attend the talk. I believe these values are like seeds that will gradually grow and enlighten my heart.”

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