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Beyond Us 2014 – Pizza-making with Care Community Services Society

March 2014 │ Singapore

Enthusiastic volunteers from Group Finance in Deutsche Bank Singapore spent their Thursday afternoon at a pizza-making session with children from Care Community Services Society (CCSS) on March 20 at Pastamania, a pasta and pizza restaurant.

The event started with a ’design your own pizza’ activity where our volunteers helped the children to design and draw out on paper their masterpiece sprinkled with various ingredients. Later, the group moved to the kitchen, where the children gleefully pounded and kneaded their design into reality.

While the pizzas cooked in the ovens, the children participated in a trivia quiz, where they learnt the history of pasta and pizza.  Through this, the children were encouraged to appreciate the hard work behind every little thing and also taste the pizza resulting from their labour!

"It is truly heartening to see volunteers interacting happily with our beneficiaries. This can only come from the heart,” commented one of CCSS Executives who attended.

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Last Update: April 2, 2014
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