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India’s education crisis

Access to quality education is essential to realising the goal of a fairer society, with genuine equality of opportunity for all. In India, the Right to Education Act promises free access to quality education – but although the Act has enabled near-universal enrolment, the quality of education delivered is extremely precarious.

The stark difference between enrolment and learning is reflected in India’s dismal educational surveys. The 2017 Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) found almost universal school enrolment, but warned that more than 50% of Indian 14-year-olds struggle with 3-digit division, and many lack foundational skills like reading and basic arithmetic, even after eight years of schooling. 

Revitalising public education

Teach for India (TFI) is a non-profit organisation that seeks to widen access to quality education in Indian public schools. They offer a fellowship to recent graduates and mid-career professionals to work for two-years, as full-time teachers in municipal or low-income schools. By infusing ailing public schools with fresh talent and new ideas, the fellowship seeks to improve the quality of education, and eliminate educational inequity in the long run.

TFI fellows work across over 200 schools nationwide, touching the lives of more than 38,000 students every year. They are chosen annually through a stringent selection process, and placed in schools after an intensive training programme.

Breaking the cycle

Over the past three years, Deutsche Bank has sponsored 54 TFI fellows annually, who collectively teach over 2,000 children across government schools in Delhi.

These fellows have dramatically improved access to quality education, revitalising schools with their dynamism, pedagogical skills and subject matter expertise. Beyond education, they have also been instrumental in addressing the myriad social issues that affect students, including health problems, malnutrition, parental unemployment, poverty and abuse.

The fellows’ remarkable work has helped them deliver a holistic transformation in the lives of students. By widening access to quality education, this could help break the vicious cycle in which underprivileged students become trapped in lower-income jobs because of sub-standard education.


Going beyond sponsorship

Besides sponsoring the pioneering TFI fellows, Deutsche Bank has also supported the NGO through a successful volunteering programme. Deutsche Bank employee volunteers regularly work with TFI fellows to create educational material and teaching aids. They also visit participating schools to interact with students, and conduct workshops on vital topics like public speaking and personal development.



Project Partner

About Teach for India

Teach For India is a nationwide movement that aims to eliminate inequity in education in India. They recruit India's most outstanding college graduates and professionals and place them as full time teachers in under-resourced schools for two years. In the short run, these young leaders act as a source of dedicated teachers in government and low-income private schools. In the long run, Teach For India will build a powerful and ever-growing leadership force of alumni who, informed by their experiences and insights, will work from inside and outside the educational system to effect the fundamental, long-term changes necessary to ultimately realize educational opportunity for all.


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