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Born to Be – Deutsche Bank changes the lives of orphaned children in China

March 2016 │ China

Many orphaned children in China grow up in an institutionalized environment. OneSky, a non-profit working in China, is dedicated to enriching the lives of orphaned children through nurturing programmes and caregiver training.

Since 2007, Deutsche Bank has supported the non-profit in its various programmes. Through Born to Be, Deutsche Bank funds OneSky’s Infant Nurture, Preschool and Youth Services Programmes in Tianjin. These programmes offer responsive care, preschool education and youth mentorship to targeted age groups.

OneSky’s momentum continues to build, working to develop a strategic plan to reach its goals and create systemic change in China’s child welfare system. To date, they have trained more than 13,600 caregivers and directly impacted  the lives of more than 130,000 vulnerable children.

Ming-le, aged two and a half, is a delightful child, making great strides in the Tianjin Infant Nurture Programme. Despite being diagnosed with hemophilia, he maintains an incredible zest for life. He is a constant explorer and loves connecting with others. Little Ming-le is a big music fan. Whenever he hears a song he likes to show off his dance moves. His caregivers love watching him get swept away with the tune, as he twists, turns, and spins in sheer delight. Ming-le is also an empathetic friend, offering a shoulder to lean on for his young peers. When he visited the activity room, he noticed a girl crying. He thought a toy would make her feel better so he offered her one. He patted her on the back, in the manner of a big brother, and even wiped away her tears with his hand.  All of this transpired without a single word spoken between them. When his caregivers praised this beautiful act, he beamed, ran over to his nanny and said, “Mommy, you are so great.”

There are currently 90 children, 23 trained nannies, teachers and mentors in these programmes. Deutsche Bank is pleased to continue supporting OneSky in 2016. This partnership enables us to make an everlasting and measurable difference on the many young lives we touch.

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