OneSky Foundation

Before OneSky, many children in China who lost their families may have been fed and sheltered, but not loved. Deprived of loving attention, they could not thrive or grow up in an institutionalised environment. Half the Sky is dedicated to enriching the lives of orphaned children through home nurturing programmes and caregiver training.

Since 2008, Deutsche Bank has been supporting the non-profit in its various programmes. Through Born to Be, we will be funding the Little Sisters Preschools and Youth Services Programmes in Tianjin.

Each of these programmes offers education and medical care to targeted age groups. Deutsche Bank’s support will cover the personnel costs of preschool teachers, nannies and youth mentors, as well as education materials.



Vibrant Communities

We all need help to realise our potential. Large urban cities in China like Beijing and Shanghai receive a huge influx of migrant labour. While parents provide service labour, their children are often left with minimal supervision after school.

Deutsche Bank supports Vibrant Communities a non-government organisation which provides early childhood development and after-school educational and enrichment programmes for migrant children, as well as coaching and support.

Currently, Deutsche Bank is funding the operations of a migrant centre in Beijing.



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Last Update: June 8, 2016
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