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Adream Charitable Foundation

Everyone needs help to realise their potential. In China, the inequitable distribution of funds for education programmes has resulted in socioeconomic disparities between different  sections of the population. Adream Charitable Foundation also feels that the current education system stifles children’s love of learning. It aims to encourage underprivileged children in rural areas and urban inner cities to be critical thinkers through its ‘Adream Centres’ programme, which provides multimedia classrooms, modern curriculum and teacher training programmes to local schools.

Through its Born to Be initiative, Deutsche Bank funds ’Adream Centres’ in two schools, one in Beijing and one in Chongqing. In total, 400 student  now benefit from  innovative and interesting teaching methods  that will help them become who they were born to be.


OneSky Foundation

Before OneSky, many children in China who lost their families may have been fed and sheltered, but not loved. Deprived of loving attention, they could not thrive or grow up in an institutionalised environment. OneSky is dedicated to enriching the lives of orphaned children through home nurturing programmes and caregiver training.

Since 2008, Deutsche Bank has been supporting the non-profit in its various programmes. Through Born to Be, we will be funding the Little Sisters Preschools and Youth Services Programmes in Tianjin.

Each of these programmes offers education and medical care to targeted age groups. Deutsche Bank’s support will cover the personnel costs of preschool teachers, nannies and youth mentors, as well as education materials.


Yi Rui Foundation

Everyone needs help to realise their potential. In China, there are more than two million children under the age of 12 who have cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder in which the child’s ability to control his or her muscles is severely affected, causing permanent movement disorders that become a lifelong affliction. Simple acts such as walking independently become extremely challenging. Yi Rui Foundation provides free therapy and rehabilitation services for underprivileged children suffering from cerebral palsy.

Deutsche Bank has donated two physiotherapy machines to Yi Rui Foundation as part of its Born to Be programme.  This benefits 20 orphans at a Yi Rui rehabilitation centre in Hebei province. The therapy device helps to achieve lowering of spasticity, a common condition in cerebral palsy cases, in a safe and efficient way, replacing surgical methods that may contain high surgical risks or inflict trauma on the child. Therapy sessions involving the equipment will enable the children to regain some mobility, thereby increasing their ability to live without assistance. This is turn improves their self-esteem, enabling them to become who they were born to be.



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Last Update: January 17, 2019
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