Hong Kong

Metropolitan Youth Orchestra

Everyone needs help to realise their potential. The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Hong Kong (MYO) is one of the finest youth orchestras in Asia. As part of its Born to Be initiative, Deutsche Bank provides music scholarships to promising young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The 2016 scholarships have been awarded to four young musicians: three special needs boys (including a pair of twins) who play the violin, and a girl who shows lots of promise in the double bass but whose family struggles to finance her music lessons. 

The scholarship entails weekly training with the MYO, a summer overseas tour, and the opportunity to take centre stage in an annual charity concert. The aim of the programme is to enable young people to live their dreams and become the musicians they were born to be.

Link: http://www.myohk.com/



Hong Kong Arts Festival

The Hong Kong Arts Festival is one of Asia’s major cultural events, showcasing diverse genres of artists from around the world.

Deutsche Bank is a proud sponsor of Hong Kong Arts Festival’s Young Friends Programme, which aims to involve local students, particularly those from less privileged backgrounds. The Young Friends Programme reached out to 19,000 students, giving them access to the arts which they may not often otherwise enjoy. The programme allowed these students to not only attend performances, but participate in workshops, lectures, meet-and-greets and other educational activities.

Link: https://www.hk.artsfestival.org/en/





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