Teach for India

Teach for India is a non-profit seeking to provide high quality education for all children in India. It has identified two main issues in the education system which it aims to address: the lack of focus on teacher development and the prevalence of counterproductive practices like rote learning and corporal punishment.

To improve the quality of education provided to children attending under-resourced schools, it recruits outstanding college graduates and professionals and places them as full-time teachers in these schools for two years. The fellowships give them an opportunity to learn about the challenges teachers face at the grass root level. These are passionate individuals committed to long-term change in the education system. The experience will enable them to develop new ideas which will hopefully contribute to greater reform in the education sector in India.

As part of its Born to Be programme, Deutsche Bank funds 52 fellowships for college graduates to teach in 24 municipal or low-income private schools in Delhi. This programme will enhance the lives of more than 1,800 students.



Bharti Foundation

Bharti Foundation, the development arm of Bharti Enterprises, was established in 2000 with a vision to help underprivileged children and youths in India to realise their potential. In 2006, its flagship initiative, the Satya Bharti School Programme, was launched to provide free quality education to children in rural India, with special focus on girls.

Since 2010, Deutsche Bank has partnered with Bharti Foundation to support four Satya Bharti Schools in Ludhiana, Punjab (North India). The support takes care of these schools' operational expenditure. A particularly encouraging result is that the number of girls enrolled in the schools has increased by more than 50%.



Karunya Trust

We all need help to realise our potential. Deutsche Bank supports Gyan Saathi, a project by the Karunya Trust in India which focuses on the rag-picker children who live beside the Deonar dump yard of Mumbai, one of the largest landfill sites in Asia. Karunya Trust aims to empower the community by providing nutrition, healthcare and education.

As part of the Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation Born to Be programme, we fund a programme supporting children and youths impacted by HIV/AIDS. This is one small step to improve the lives of marginalised young people in the region so that they can have a better chance to become who they were born to be.



Akshaya Patra Foundation

Akshaya Patra Foundation runs the world’s largest not-for-profit mid-day meal scheme, providing nutritious meals to 1.5 million children across 11,000 schools in 10 Indian states. Its mission is to ensure that school-going children have access to wholesome meals, so that they are more motivated to learn and stay in school.

Deutsche Bank has supported the foundation as part of its Born to Be programme since 2014, helping fund meals for more than 60,000 government school children.


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