Yayasan Kampus Diakoneia

Yayasan Kampus Diakoneia (KDM) cares for street children.  The non-profit organisation seeks to remove children from the streets and give them an education. Through its entrepreneurial programme, the children learn life skills and are given opportunities in traineeship in order to start a life of their own. 

Through Born to Be, Deutsche Bank funds several programmes such as Music, Art, Computer, and Cooking in KDM. In particular, the ArtSpace programme benefits more 100 children between the ages of 8 and 19. Three times a week, two artists visit the KDM Centre and guide the children in creating their own artworks. More than 30 paintings by these children have since been sold.

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Yayasan Realino SPM

Every child deserves an education. Realino Foundation aims to equip underprivileged children with both knowledge and practical skills to allow them to achieve financial independence. The foundation provides the children with not only a formal education, but also on-the-job training.

Through Realino Foundation, Deutsche Bank funds scholarships for 67 children and supports them until they graduate from high school as part of Born to Be. Deutsche Bank volunteers also work regularly with these children. For more information, please email


Yayasan Rumah Rachel

Reliable and affordable healthcare should be made accessible to all, and Yayasan Rumah Rachel is starting with young nurses.  In partnership with Deutsche Bank, Yayasan Rumah Rachel has launched the Clinic-in-a-Box programme, which trains young nurses in their formative years, intervening early in the hope of bringing lasting and sustainable change to the Indonesia healthcare system.

The impact here is two-fold. The student nurses will be equipped with palliative care and homecare skills. Combined with business and financial management tools, this programme will allow the nurses to be frontline quality healthcare providers in Indonesia, helping them to become the skilled nurses they were born to be.

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