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Mauritius Cycle Academy

Everyone needs help to realise their potential. The Mauritius Cycling Academy (MCA) runs a training programme to help teenagers who have an aptitude for cycling to become professional athletes. SAFIRE works to protect, rehabilitate and reintegrate at-risk children who work or live on the street. The two organisations have come together to launch the Mauritius Cycling Project which offers cycling training to 32 youths – 12 teens from the MCA programme who come from underprivileged backgrounds and 20 teens from SAFIRE’s street children programme. The objective of the programme is to instill discipline and self-control among youth-at-risk through sport.

Deutsche Bank is funding the project as part of its Born to Be programme because it believes that cycling is a good avenue to establish a connection with marginalised young people. It is hoped that the structure that cycling brings will make a positive impact on other areas of their lives and give them a better chance of becoming who they were born to be.



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Last Update: June 19, 2017
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