Every student should have the opportunity to attain a tertiary education, regardless of their background. AkarakA funds underprivileged students to cover tuition fees and living expenses through its student sponsorship programme. The non-profit organisation is based in Singapore but operates around the region.

Through Born to Be, Deutsche Bank funds the tertiary education of students in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Our volunteers also provide career and educational guidance through AkarakA’s mentoring programme, and frequently assists in its fundraising campaigns.



Singapore Art Museum – Deutsche Bank Art Bus

We all need help to realise our potential. In 2009, Deutsche Bank partnered with the Singapore Art Museum to launch Singapore’s first ever Art Bus programme. The bus takes children from their schools to the museum where they attend a guided tour-cum-storytelling session held at the galleries, followed by a hands-on art activity tailored to suit different age groups.

The ongoing arrangement is a part of the Deutsche Bank Born to Be programme, aiming to make art education more accessible to children and to develop their appreciation of contemporary art.



Singapore Chinese Orchestra

We all need help to realise our potential. Twenty-year-old Stephanie Ow may be visually impaired but she has never let this stand in the way of her passion for the erhu. She wants to be a professional musician some day. The Deutsche Bank-Singapore Chinese Orchestra Music Scholarship has been awarded to Stephanie in recognition of her talent and her drive. Members of the Orchestra will nurture her artistic talent to help her realise her dream.

The Deutsche Bank-Singapore Chinese Orchestra Music Programme, also part of Born to Be, is designed for children with special needs. This collaborative programme with Singapore Chinese Orchestra and Rainbow Centre Singapore aims not only to develop the musical capabilities of the students, but more importantly to inspire them to increase their levels of social interaction and thereby give them confidence.



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