South Korea

Arts and Community Network Association 

In Korea, orphans leave the orphanage when they reach the age of 18, but often, these youths do not possess practical skills to be independent and to thrive in the society on their own.

The Arts and Community Network Association (ARCON) conducts social adaptation support programmes for young orphans, providing them with the education and life skills necessary to allow them to adapt to society and fulfil their full potential. As part of Born to Be, Deutsche Bank supports these programmes.

In 2014, Deutsche Bank volunteers will also continue to contribute their time and expertise, serving as mentors to these youths. For more information, please email

Latest News

March 04, 2014

Born to Be is now launched! Read more.


Mar 31, 2014

'Dreaming Butterfly' by The Arts and Community Network Association (ARCON)
The 'Dreaming Butterfly' programme allows young orphans to fulfil their potential after leaving their care facilities. The programme is divided into three parts: Self support Training, Arts and Culture, and Job Training Scholarship. Read more.

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