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Deutsche Bank Bangkok Branch employees help produce audio books for the blind

September 2013 │ Thailand

The month of September 2013 saw Deutsche Bank Bangkok Branch employees being encouraged to help produce audio books for the blind. To facilitate production, four recording stations were set up in Deutsche Bank premises.

The volunteer readers attended a training class to learn to use the recording software and some techniques required to produce quality audio books.  The recording stations stayed open until the end of 2013. Audio books produced would be donated to the Thai Blind People Foundation and listed in Thailand's National Library for The Blind and Print Disabled.

Thai Blind People Foundation was established in 1998. The Foundation aims to support and provide education opportunities and employment opportunities for the blind, including the establishment of schools/educational centres, production and/or procurement of accessible information and knowledge, and researching and developing assistive technology in order to enhance blind peoples learning and working capacity.

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