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Deutsche Bank Manila volunteers travel to Tacloban City to paint murals in a school rebuilt with funds from the Bank

April 2016 │ Philippines

On November 8, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan wrought widespread destruction in Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines. As part of the Bank’s Born to Be initiative, and as a follow-up to ‎previous efforts to further support those affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan, 24 Deutsche Bank Manila volunteers travelled on their expense to Tacloban City during the weekend of April 23 and 24.

As soon as the group arrived on the first flight from Manila on April 23, they dove right in to a whole day of activities, starting with a mural painting at the newly constructed two storey building of the Northern Tacloban City National High School (NTCNHS).

The building, which contained four classrooms, was built by SM Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of the SM Group of Companies, in partnership with Deutsche Bank, bringing the total number of classrooms at the NTCNHS to a total of 11. The new classrooms allowed the school to accommodate an additional 650 to 1,000 students in the new school year. The growth in the number of students was brought about by the relocation of families impacted by the typhoon.

The volunteers painted the classroom walls with murals depicting the environment to liven up the study area while encouraging students to care for the environment.

They were then brought to see, first hand, SM Foundation’s housing project and the MV EVA Jocelyn memorial. MV EVA Jocelyn was one of the boats washed ashore by the storm surge and now serves as a reminder of the lives lost during the typhoon.

In the evening, the volunteers packed school supplies inside colourful school bags which they handed over to the students of NTCNHS the next day.

Talking about her volunteering experience in Tacloban, one volunteer said, “I’m glad to have joined this trip with my fellow volunteers. Everyone was enthusiastic about the activities and was willing to lend a hand when needed.” The opportunity to interact with local residents also proved unforgettable, as shared by the same volunteer, “It was very good that we were able to mingle with students and wider community. The side stories were equally as enlightening as the speeches.”

To recognise the contributions of Deutsche Bank and SM Foundation, a programme held in one of the four classrooms was attended by the volunteers, representatives from the Tacloban city government, SM Foundation scholars, and members of the NTCNHS.

The NTCNHS school building is the 13th school built by SM Foundation in partnership with Deutsche Bank over the last 8 years. In total, 10,200 students have been impacted by the schools built since 2008.

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