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Deutsche Bank Colombo Branch supports rural community in Medawachchiya with eye camp and basic resources for school

November 2013 │ Sri Lanka

Medawachchiya, a remote village situated approximately 230 kilometres from Colombo, was badly affected during the 30-year long ethnic war in Sri Lanka which ended in 2009. In spite of a number of development initiatives taking place under the patronage of the government, there is still a huge vacuum in terms of bridging the gap to fulfil the villagers' basic needs.

Detusche Bank Colombo Branch, after a fact-finding mission, realised that many of villagers are unable to access basic medical needs due to economic hardship. Although a great number of villagers suffer from various sight impairments, the villagers do not seek treatment due to the combined factors of lack of knowledge and prevailing economic conditions. The neglect of the area, a result of being disconnected from the rest of the country during the conflict era, also meant that the education sector was in need of assistance. ‘Angunochchiya Vidyalaya’, a school in Medawachchiya, was identified as lacking basic resources such as a library, outdoor sports facilities, and sports gear.

With the intention of supporting the rural community, Deutsche Bank Colombo Branch conducted an eye camp for 500 elderly villagers and also organised a project to help support the school by focusing on the library and sporting facilities.  The eye camp was well attended, with a turnout of more than 550 people, 490 of whom later received spectacles customised to their sight requirements.

With support from Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation towards the schooling requirement of Angunochchiya Vidyalaya, the Branch was able to provide the school with sports gear, a netball court, and a volleyball court.  In addition, the library was fully renovated and equipped with 3 new library cupboards and new books.

Due to the distance from Colombo to Medawachchiya, both the eye camp and the school handing over ceremony took place on November 2, with 15 Deutsche Bank volunteers starting the day as early as 3.00 am to prepare for the Eye Camp, which was scheduled to start at 8.00 am. It was a long and a hectic day for the volunteers, who spent close to 18 hours on the project and only returned home after 9.00 pm.

The villagers and the staff of Angunochchiya Vidyalaya were extremely grateful for Deutsche Bank's contributions and thanked the management wholeheartedly for the services, support and material provided to uplift their living standards.

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Last Update: December 17, 2013
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