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Deutsche Bank donates health packages to girls in earthquake-hit Guozhang secondary

December 2013 │ China

On April 20, 2013, a 7.0 level earthquake hit Lushan country, China, leading to the loss of life and property. The earthquake affected close to 2.31 million people, causing direct economic loss of RMB 85.17 bln, causing debris flow, landslides and adversely impacting the transport infrastructure.

After the earthquake, with years of working experiences on disaster reduction and prevention, Youchange Foundation and Right To Play, China found that health and hygiene demands of children, especially girls, were generally ignored. Deutsche Bank sponsored 600 health packages for students in Guozhang secondary school, Lushan County. The packages were all specially designed for girls by Right to Play.

The programme focuses on health and hygiene needs of middle-school girls aged between 12 to 15 years. With many starting their menstrual cycles between these ages, good personal hygiene habits and relevant hygiene products are essential. In addition, it was found that girls between these ages are sensitive and tend not to speak about their menstrual cycle. To cater to this need, sanitary towel and tissues were included in the health pack, in addition to the usual toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.

Guozhang Secondary School is one of the biggest secondary schools in Lushan County with 1,207 students and 82 teachers and non-academic staff. In the earthquake, all the buildings of the school were seriously damaged and deemed unsafe. Three days after the earthquake, the school resumed classes in temporary rooms, with the situation lasting for the next two to three years. The biggest challenge that the school currently faces is the shortage of basic items like sheets and clothes for changing.

With the donation, the Bank helped provide the girls a clean and hygienic environment where they can grow and study.

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