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Deutsche Bank employees make donation to animal welfare charity

March 2013 │ India

In March 2013, volunteers from DBOI Global Services in Jaipur, India, visited the charity Help in Suffering (HIS) which works with stray animals requiring care and medical attention. During the visit, the Deutsche team extended support to the good work done by the organization by donating animal feed.

DBOI Global Services’ association with the charity started when a Deutsche employee called on HIS’s services to rescue a stray injured dog from the Bank’s premises. All the animal hospitals contacted by the employee and his colleagues turned down the request to accept the dying dog due to the long distance between Deutsche’s office and the hospitals. It was HIS that sent an ambulance 25 kilometers from their shelter to take the animal under its care. The dog’s wounds have since healed.

During this visit, the volunteers toured the facility and were impressed by its medical facilities and the comfortable atmosphere provided to suffering animals. HIS works to treat animals and helping them recuperate before releasing them back to their natural habitats. The charity also provides long-term care for animals with permanent disabilities. The volunteers learnt of the charity’s lack of resources and will evaluate other opportunities to be associated with this good cause.



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