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Deutsche Bank launches the ‘Rock-ed mobile music school’ to widen support for street children in Manila

April 2016 │ Philippines

Rock-ed began in 2009, when a small group of Deutsche Bank Manila volunteers had an idea to teach music and dance to street children. Now in 2016, Rock-ed has launched a mobile music school – the first of its kind in the Philippines.

In the last eight years, Rock-ed, which supports the NGO Childhope Asia Philippines, has grown into one of the most widely known and successful Corporate Responsibility programmes in Deutsche Bank.

“The idea behind the music school has been in my mind for several years” said Kris Buckham, a Deutsche Bank employee who initiated Rock-ed. “We have always held Rock-ed in the office on Saturdays, but that meant only around 30 kids could attend. Now, as the programme gains popularity, and we see the positive impact we can make, we have invested in a mobile music school which goes to different parts of the metropolitan area five days a week to hold classes. We can now teach music to over 200 street children every week!”

Rock-ed has always prided itself on sustainability. As Buckham proudly points out, there is a wonderful story attached to the music school.

“Back in 2009, Louie arrived at Rock-ed as a 15 year old street kid who had never picked up an instrument. Rock-ed not only turned his life around -- he finished school, formed a band and recorded an album -- but now, aged 22, he has just joined Childhope Asia as a full time employed street educator. Louie is running the mobile music school and now spends his days teaching music to hundreds of kids who were just like him a few years ago.”

The Rock-ed mobile music school started just two months ago, but is already having a major impact. A selection of new students has been asked to perform at an upcoming outreach activity. Week on week, larger groups are gathering to take part in lessons.

“It’s playing out exactly as we had hoped,” said Buckham. “Music is so powerful and you can never underestimate the impact it can have. I can see this school changing many more lives.”

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Last Update: April 25, 2016
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