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Disaster relief in Sri Lanka

September 2016 │ Sri Lanka

Back in May, Sri Lanka experienced torrential rains for two weeks. The widespread floods and devastating landslides which followed claimed close to 100 lives and displaced more than 350,000 people across the island.

The majority of the displaced reside in the Colombo and Gampaha districts where the floodwater levels reached the roofs of the houses. Residents had to be relocated to temporary accommodation in schools, temples and makeshift camps. The affected population, particularly in the rural areas who were already the most vulnerable in the country, lost not only their homes and possessions, but also agricultural land which was their livelihood.

Deutsche Bank was swift to act in providing relief measures for those affected. In collaboration with Caritas Foundation, Deutsche Bank distributed over 400 disaster relief packages, consisting of essential items such as dry rations and medicine. Individuals and families who received the package expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Deutsche Bank and its staff for generously supporting the flood victims at a time when help was much needed.

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Last Update: September 14, 2016
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