Environmental Sustainability

For a global bank like Deutsche Bank, which operates in 72 countries, climate change is of paramount importance, not just for the sustainability of the business, but for the sustainability of society as a whole.

Deutsche Bank Asia as a global citizen has a shared responsibility to  combat climate change and efforts are being made across all countries  in this region in which we operate to improve our ecological footprint.  Acting sustainably is firmly embedded as an integral part of our  corporate strategy and on a group-wide basis, the Bank plays a leading  role in international emissions trading, in the financing of renewable  energies and in the provision of sustainable investment products.

Deutsche Bank’s Environmental Commitment

Environmental sustainability is of vital importance to both business  and society and Deutsche Bank Asia is committed to continuously  improving our ecological footprint and to contributing our own special  know-how as a financial services provider.

Learn more about Deutsche Bank‘s global environmental commitment

Deutsche Bank‘s Environmental Commitment

As a global corporate citizen we take responsibility in the fight against global warming.

Deutsche Bank‘s environmentally responsible actions

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Last Update: December 11, 2015
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