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GTO CARES Taiwan’s second year of support for Eden Social Welfare Foundation

May 2014 │ Taiwan

Since 2013, Group Technology and Operations (GTO) Cares Taiwan has been supporting Eden Social Welfare Foundation. This year, Deutsche Bank Taiwan GTO commemorated its Volunteers Day on Saturday, May 17, by accompanying members of the Yi-Shou Centre for the Mentally and Physically handicapped to the Taipei Expo Park and Botanical Gardens.

The Centre provides care for people aged between 16 to 65 who require medium to high levels of support in dealing with a variety of disabilities including visual impairment, hearing impairment, and other physical and mental handicaps. Most of the inmates are long-term residents, and the Centre is their home and the social workers their family.

On arrival, Deutsche Bank volunteers received an introductory briefing about the Centre and its services, as well as a brief background on the residents joining the event. Each volunteer was then paired with a resident to be their buddy for the day. Many of the residents have few or no relatives and friends, and hence treasure visits from volunteers who spend time with them. With a smile on each volunteer’s face and two goals in mind – to help each handicapped resident enjoy the botanical gardens and accompany the resident on a sunny picnic –  the real volunteering work begun.

For the event, a professional tour guide from the Taipei Expo Park was engaged. During the tour, not only did the residents and volunteers learn about the variety of plants naturally grown in Taiwan, they also acquired information about how the plants grow in the environment, as well as benefits for different plants.  The sunny and comfortable weather allowed the volunteers to enjoy a wonderful outdoor concert performed by an elementary school with different string instruments. Following, the volunteers joined the residents and social workers on a picnic, chatting with them while enjoying the food. Everyone had a great time, and the residents are looking forward to the next visit to their Centre.

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Last Update: June 2, 2014
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