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Heart operations for poor children in Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital

September 2013 │ Vietnam

Every year, Deutsche Bank Ho Chi Minh Branch employees visit the patients in Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital Number One who are not only born with malformed organs, they are also in need of financial support.

This year, the visits were done in September, when employees collected patients’ sickness history, family status, status of patients’ parents, photos, treatment therapy, etc. Upon their return, the information was handed over to the local Corporate Responsibility to request for sponsorship for heart operations to help give children a chance to live. The wishes of children are simple - to be healthy, to laugh, to be able to play like other normal children. Some would like to attend school, but are unable to, as their parents are neither able to afford the fees nor think it a necessity.

Following Deutsche Bank’s agreement to sponsor the projects, the hospital procedures had to be followed. Waiting for operations to be planned and subsequent outcome of the operations could be an unbearable wait, with the possible postponement of operations due to various reasons, including unexpected symptoms, giving rise to the need for new treatments. As a result, it took a long time to get to know the results of approved cases. On the positive side, those who were operated on are on the road to recovery.

Although all cases could not be completed in September, Deutsche Bank employees would continue to return to the hospital to visit the patients and check on their progress, at the same time to accomplish the mission of “giving hands for a better life”.

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Last Update: December 3, 2013
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