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Nurturing new talent 

Chinese opera is an integral part of Taiwan’s culture. Contemporary Legend Theatre (CLT) infuses traditional Chinese opera with world classics, presenting performances with a contemporary spin. To nurture new blood and talent for the discipline, the Hsing Legend Youth Theatre (HLYT) was established under the umbrella of the CLT.

As part of its Born to Be youth engagement programme, Deutsche Bank supports an apprenticeship programme run by HYLT. We fund apprenticeships for young people facing financial challenges but who are interested in learning the craft.

Recognising that interest in Chinese opera is waning among the young, HLYT was founded in 2016 to enable the new generation to learn the techniques of traditional opera and give them a platform to hone their skills. Apprentices undergo a dynamic curriculum including intensive professional workshops and performing opportunities both locally and internationally. This exposure and experience are critical to their development as artistes.


Living his dream

Po-Cheng is one of the apprentices supported by Deutsche Bank. He trains with HLYT and majors in wusheng (marshal arts for roles involving combat). He loves performing. To him, being able to combine singing and body movement is the greatest appeal about Chinese opera.

In addition to attending school at the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, he spends his time training and improving his technique, and practising for upcoming performances.

The apprenticeship has been invaluable. Po-Cheng has taken on the lead role for many HLYT’s performances. He graduates in June 2018 and wants to continue working on his craft to become a professional Chinese opera artiste.


Taking the creative path

From someone with little understanding of Chinese opera, Yi Yuan is now a strong and passionate advocate for the art. The more he was exposed to its various elements at the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, the more his love for Chinese opera grew.

He specialises in the chou (male clown) role, one of the four genres in Chinese opera. Chou roles are typically secondary or supporting roles. In his first year, he feels that there is much for him to learn. His goal is to revitalise Chinese opera.

Project Partner

Contemporary Legend Theatre

About Contemporary Legend Theatre

Founder Wu Hsing-Kuo first integrated Chinese opera with western classics in 1986 in his quest for new forms of performing arts. Contemporary Legend Theatre is now well known for their innovative blend of performances and is recognised as one of the pioneers in intercultural, cross-disciplinary arts. For more information, visit the Contemporary Legend Theatre here.

About Born to Be

Our goal: to help young people everywhere reach their full potential. Discover how Born to Be is changing young lives around the world here.

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