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SOS Children's Village of India

SOS Children’s Villages of India is a non-profit organization providing residential care for disadvantaged children. Their aim is to build families for these children to enable them to shape their own futures and share in the development of their communities.
Deutsche Bank is working in partnership with SOS Children’s Village to support the Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) which caters to families living below the poverty line, as well as single parent (mainly women) families. The aim here is not only to focus on the holistic development of children but also on their caregivers. The Deutsche Bank-SOS initiative involves almost 2,000 children and their caregivers, across seven locations in India.

The programme addresses issues which perpetuate the vicious cycle of poverty – high drop-out rate of school-age children, child labour, and caregivers who lack knowledge about government policies and benefits. In response to these issues, FSP provides health and nutrition, education and capacity building (including livelihood opportunities) and mobilizes the community to create self-help groups run like micro-enterprises. SOS Children’s Village believes that progress in child development and education cannot be made unless the heads of their families have a means of earning a living to attain a degree of financial security. SOS therefore takes a two-pronged approach:

1. Enable the parent/caregiver to strive for financial stability and self-reliance
Women are encouraged to form self-help groups focused on income generation activities. Once these groups attain good governance, they can then employ other women. The groups are trained to plan for the future and understand the importance of saving. From the second year of participating in the FSP programme, caregivers see a 25% to 300% increase in income.
2. Ensure that their children have access to basic necessities and education
The children's lives change dramatically – school enrollment generally increases to 95% to 100%, while almost all of those who have dropped out of school re-enroll or receive vocational training.

Our collaboration with SOS Children’s Village is therefore unique in that it spans both our Born to Be youth engagement and In the Community initiatives.


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Last Update: May 23, 2017
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