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SPJ Sadhana

SPJ Sadhana School aims to enable people with disabilities to become self-sufficient and to live independently with dignity. It trains multiply handicapped and differently-abled children and young adults to be productive members of the society. To date, it has successfully placed over 1,350 students in productive roles in society.

The school caters to students of all ages: from young children in grades I to IV to teenagers. What’s unique is that it provides pre-vocational and skills enhancement training - assessing students for vocational aptitude and working on their gross and fine motor skills. Teenagers attend a five year polytechnic course which provides them with vocational training in the areas of hospitality and catering, office procedures, and visual arts and crafts. The aim is to enable them to obtain paid jobs and become productive members of society. SPJ Sadhana has secured employment for 97% of its students in a variety of work industries.

As part of its Born to Be youth engagement programme, Deutsche Bank works with SPJ Sadhana to support a number of its programmes. We provide software and computers to equip students with the IT skills necessary for work in the modern world, and we fund the salaries of teachers and therapists, thereby ensuring that the students receive quality skills and vocational training.



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Last Update: May 23, 2017
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