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Tata Memorial Centre: ImPaCCT Foundation

“Each child with cancer deserves the best chance at a cure.”

The Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) receives the highest number of paediatric cancer patients at a single institution. Until 2009, nearly 25% of the children would either refuse or abandon treatment for various reasons. Childhood cancers are highly curable but the treatment is intensive and prolonged. It takes more than just finances to treat a child with cancer.

To address these issues, TMH established the ImPaCCT (Improving Paediatric Cancer Care and Treatment) Foundation in 2010 to ensure that every child with cancer will receive treatment and other support regardless of family background. Support from the foundation includes raising funds for treatment so that patients with financial difficulties do not need to approach multiple organizations for assistance, accommodation for the families of patients who do not come from Mumbai, nutrition support, arranging blood and platelet donors, as well as providing non-formal education for the children while they are away from school. Its bereavement fund provides assistance to families who have lost their children to cancer. The foundation also enhances the quality of care the children receive by supporting the salaries of social workers, dieticians, infection control officers, pharmacists and nurses.

The Deutsche Bank-ImPaCCT Foundation partnership, part of the bank’s Born to Be youth engagement initiative, aims to support 1,000 to 1,500 patients in the 0-18 age group – irrespective of their community, caste or creed – who are unable to afford treatment. The bank’s grant is divided into specific areas, eg emergency fund, seed money, survivors’ fund, to ensure that there is no delay in treatment for patients at whatever stage they find themselves in after diagnosis. Patients are able to start the process of pre-treatment investigations and tests with a view to starting treatment at the optimal time. The social work team also conducts due diligence to identify patients who require financial assistance across all phases of the treatment process. These measures have resulted in a reduction in early abandonment of treatment and have eased the level of stress placed on the families



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Last Update: December 10, 2018
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