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Karunya Trust

Karunya Trust is engaged in the development of the poor, irrespective of caste, creed and religion and the main areas of intervention are health, education, empowerment, relief and rehabilitation along with disaster preparedness. Children are at the core of Karunya’s work. It aims to provide a safety net of education, vocational training and healthcare to thousands of vulnerable children who are deprived of basic necessities and developmental opportunities. It also focuses on the financial development of the family through vocational and income generation programmes.

Deutsche Bank supports two programmes run by Karunya Trust as part of its Born to Be youth engagement initiative:

– Gynasaathi II 
This programme focuses on the thousands of rag picking children and their families residing at Rafiqnagar I&II, Govandi Dumpyard, Mumbai. Currently it caters to 125 children through a comprehensive approach by providing non-formal education, supplementary nutrition, healthcare services and extra-curricular activities. The ultimate goal is to enroll them in mainstream schools. Karunya also encourages the children’s guardians, especially the mothers, to attend literacy classes so that they may be able to access their rights and entitlements.

This programme focuses on the empowerment of children who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in the 11-15 age group residing in the Bombay Municipal Corporation ‘S’ ward, M East ward, and T ward. This encompasses 800 children and their families. The children are selected based on the following criteria: those living below the poverty line, those with one or both parents deceased, those heading families, family size, households headed by women, children with ill/old grandparents. The project provides support in the form of education, support, basic household needs, income generation and psycho-social counseling.



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