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Education in rural Thailand

There are tens of thousands of small schools in rural Thailand, in remote areas or in the outskirts of cities. They are often underfunded and housed in old buildings with poor infrastructure. The Deutsche Bank Born to Be programme targets the barriers that prevent children and young people from achieving their full potential. In Thailand, this means partnering with Rong Rein Khong Noo (meaning ‘My School’), a non-profit that raises money to build and renovate school buildings in remote villages, making schools more effective and enjoyable places to learn.


Improving the quality of education

Deutsche Bank has helped rebuild 14 schools in 10 years in partnership with Rong Rein Khong Noo. In 2018, a group of 100 volunteers fixed old desks, mended chairs, put up walls, hung whiteboards and painted murals for the pupils of Ban Huay Sai Ngam School, a small school in Thailand’s Hua Hin province, three hours south of Bangkok.

Half of the entire Thailand branch of Deutsche Bank took part in the weekend renovation, joined by 20 more employees from eight countries around the region.


Bringing the community together

For the first time for an initiative of this scale, and despite their own challenging circumstances, beneficiaries from Deutsche Bank’s two other charity partners in Thailand (Sem Pringpuangkeo Foundation and Christian Prison Ministry Foundation) also joined in; some travelling 14 hours by car from northern Thailand.

Deutsche Bank donated bookshelves and books to five schools in the surrounding areas. The volunteers organised station games such as “Shoot the ball”, origami, card games, and a maze for the students.


Strong volunteer engagement

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of Deutsche Bank’s Bangkok branch. In Thai culture, it is not uncommon for people to spend their birthdays giving back to the community. Every single employee in Deutsche Bank Bangkok volunteered in 2017, and 80 took part in the Ban Huay Sai Ngam School renovation.

They are often joined by colleagues in the region, many of whom re-join the project for subsequent years after witnessing the impact first-hand.

Project Partner

Rong Rein Khong Noo

About Rong Rein Khong Noo (My School)

Rong Rein Khong Noo (My School) is a non-profit organisation that mobilises funds to build new school buildings and renovate schools in remote villages in Thailand. It began in 1991, when Akraravud Chankajorn had a vision of helping poor children in rural Thailand by exposing their living conditions to the public via television documentaries.

Impassioned to improve the lives of children in rural Thailand, he invited his family and friends to return to the village to build a school. The trip and building of the school was documented on video and later broadcast on television. To his surprise, the programme aroused tremendous interest, and he received requests from viewers to participate and donate towards future projects.

About Born to Be

Our goal: to help young people everywhere reach their full potential. Discover how Born to Be is changing young lives around the world here.

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