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Solar power for under-resourced schools in Qinghai province, China

June 2011 │ China

Qinghai province in northwest China is the fourth largest province in China and one of the poorest. Many rural schools have no electricity - making access to computer literacy difficult.

In partnership with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation in June 2011, Deutsche Bank will provide funding for solar power stations for rural elementary boarding schools in the province that currently have no access to electricity. By building a 3,600 kilowatt-hour photovoltaic power station, the “Solar Power Lights the Way“project will provide electricity for 500 to 600 students in each school.

With proper maintenance, a solar power station could operate for about 10 years, meeting the school’s electricity needs and saving money that would otherwise be spent on conventional fuel sources.  This project also aims to promote the use of solar power and combat climate change.

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