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Spring-cleaning cat rescue homes with the Cat Welfare Society

October 2013 │ Singapore

On October 19 and November 16, Deutsche Bank Singapore volunteers joined the Cat Welfare Society in spring-cleaning a cat rescue home in Sembawang. Instead of the usual animal shelter, the Cat Welfare Society operates a network of volunteers who often get together to help out at homes that adopt sick, injured or unwanted cats.

Upon reaching the Housing Development Board (HDB) flat’s corridor, the volunteers were assaulted by a strong cat smell, and knew they had a big task ahead. Rashida, the owner of the cat rescue home, warmly welcomed them to her home, which houses over 50 cats.

Like humans, every cat has its own character. Some cats were extremely friendly and welcomed a hug anytime; some were possessive, winding round and round the volunteers’ legs, marking them as their ‘cat-slave’; some, due to their history, who were extremely suspicious of humans and prefer to stare down at the volunteers from a high perch.

Rashida, a highly animated character, told stories of how she came about each cat and their individual stories or ‘superpowers’, as the volunteers scrubbed floors, walls, windows and every possible surface with white vinegar. She said that Angel, one of her very first cats, could tell whenever a fellow cat is going to cat heaven.

Despite the very hard and dirty work, it was a highly enjoyable corporate responsibility activity. Seeing the cats roam around in a cleaner and fresher smelling environment gave the small group much accomplishment at the end of the session. It was a unique experience with 50 cats in a small HDB flat, and all the volunteers felt that they had made a difference towards making the furry friends’ lives better.

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