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Temple Garden Foundation catalyses sustainable development in Cambodia

January 2015 │ Cambodia

Temple Garden Foundation (TGF) works in partnership with local rural communities in Cambodia and aims to be a catalyst for sustainable development. TGF’s Income Generation Project was developed in response to the needs expressed by the community, to assist in improving the livelihoods of its constituents.

Deutsche Bank has supported the Income Generation Programme since 2011, improving vocational and business skills, providing a mechanism for saving and access to credit to the rural community in Cambodia. Training includes teaching best practice in various cattle and agricultural ventures, and business management skills such as rice production and pig rearing. This helps community members to develop or improve business activities to supplement existing income streams and ensure savings and low interest credit is available when required.

By 2014, Deutsche Bank’s funds had benefitted more than 750 villagers, allowing more than 100 new businesses to be established, and 70% of established businesses to continue to flourish. Beneficiaries observed a 50% increase in household capital, with a steady increase in the number of villagers with income above the national poverty line.

In 2015, the programme will continue to expand and also support the formation of more agricultural committees, which will be self-sustainable and allow TGF to move on to help many more others.

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