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Therapy through Art with special-needs children

December 2013 │ Malaysia

Guided by a French-Russian artist-painter, Victoria Renaux Abdoulaeva, Deutsche Bank Malaysia corporate volunteers and their children spent quality time with a group of special-needs children on a Saturday morning, exploring their feelings through a therapeutic art session. The art-making experience helped the special-needs children to express themselves through art, and indirectly gain self-confidence.

Conventional art involves learning the skills and techniques of drawing and painting, but therapeutic art is different. For many volunteers, their first experience of creating therapeutic art entailed the expression of their feelings. The corporate volunteers were told to free their minds and to paint freely, but most found it a challenge. This was proven by the end results which were mostly coherent paintings. Paintings created by the special-needs children and the volunteers’ children were found to be unique and different, due to their ability to free their minds, opening doors to endless creativity and possibilities.

It was a joyful session filled with fun, love, laughter and passion. At the same time, the experience allowed the volunteers, their children and the special-needs children to interact and encourage each other.  The two-hour art session brought hope to the special needs children and Deutsche Bank Malaysia will continue this spirit of love through Art in more volunteering sessions.

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