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Volunteering at the ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre

May 2014 │ Singapore

On May 31, 22 Deutsche Bank Singapore employees with their family and friends arrived bright and early at ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre to build a new Star Tortoise enclosure. The enclosure, planned to be 6m x 3.5m and built out of bricks, was no easy feat. Volunteers first had to clear the messy field, mark out the area, dig trenches for the foundations, mix cement and finally lay the bricks one by one.

The most tedious task of all was to transport hundreds of bricks from one field to another. The distance was approximately 20+ metres and volunteers  used trolleys to transport the bricks over the uneven ground . The volunteers soon innovated to form a human chain to pass the bricks instead. This quickened the process, and everyone finished with enhanced muscles from the excellent weights training.

Working among the lush greenery at ACRES was refreshing, and the volunteers got a chance as well to visit the animals at the shelter which included star tortoises in their miniature gardens, iguanas recovering from injuries and the endangered pig nose turtle.

At the end of the session, the volunteers were aching and covered with sweat and dirt, but it was well worth it. Find out more about ACRES at

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Last Update: June 20, 2014
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