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Volunteering with CREDO

July 2014 │ Indonesia

CREDO (Creative Education Indonesia) Foundation was founded in January 2008 with a mission to disseminate and teach creativity in Indonesia. Deutsche Bank Indonesia supports one of CREDO's programmes, the Credo Learning Club.

This informal kindergarten (which is attended by the children in Permata Hijau, South Jakarta, a rural area in Indonesia) was established to train teachers in creativity teaching, which will in turn allow the children to exercise their own creativity muscles. The learning club has trained numerous teachers from many areas in Indonesia and the learning materials are also enjoyed by children in other schools.

Last year, some Deutsche Bank volunteers had the opportunity to witness and experience CREDO's creativity teaching method in the classroom; this year, our volunteers decided to participate in their out-of-classroom activities to learn, have fun and get to know the children as well as their parents.

On May 10, five Deutsche Bank volunteers joined the CREDO children and families in their futsal event. The volunteers worked with the staff from CREDO to organise the children's competition and also joined the parents’ teams for some friendly competition.

At the end of the event, the volunteers joined the children to visit their library Ayo Baca (YoCa!) which is part of the Credo Learning Club. The library is equipped with books carefully selected to fit the children's learning needs, and it has served as a gathering point for the children in that area to interact and learn in an informal and fun way.

On June 3, during the school break, Deutsche Bank volunteers took the children on a field trip to Pinisi. Pinisi hosts many facilities for children to practice their creativity. There, the children can paint, make handicrafts, dance, learn theatrical performance, and even enjoy rides and sports activities. Within a short period of practice, the children were able to perform a wonderful play for the parents, volunteers and CREDO staff. At the end of the event, the children spontaneously used their creativity to thank the volunteers by presenting a thank you card signed by the children.

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