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Volunteers lend a hand to build homes in rural Maharashtra, India

January 2014 │ India

On January 25, 36 volunteers from Deutsche Bank, Mumbai took a long bus ride to the outskirts of Mumbai city to Siddhagad, where they worked with Habitat for Humanity to help build four houses for villagers. Siddhagad is a small village located around an hour’s journey from Karjat, Maharastra, and is inhabited by 36 tribal families. Last year, the families were displaced from their homes due to monsoons causing large-scale soil erosion.

The land where the houses were built was donated by the Government of India to the villagers. Of the four houses to be built, three required foundations to be laid, while the other required heavy digging work to create an area for foundations to be laid.

Before work began, the volunteers were given a quick ‘skill pill’ from the on-site mason and his team. The volunteers began their work in earnest and by 16:00, the three houses had three sections of the foundation stones in place and the fourth house had the area for its foundations dug up with a row of stones already cemented in place. It was hard work, but volunteers’ smiles and enthusiasm kept the team’s spirit up.

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organisation that builds homes and provides housing-related services to low-income, marginalised families across India. Through volunteer labour and donations from corporations like Deutsche Bank for housing materials, Habitat works with the homeowners to  build and rehabilitate simple decent houses. Volunteering events with Habitat for Humanity have always garnered large support and participation at Deutsche Bank.

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