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Launch of multi-media classrooms at suburban schools in China broadens students’ horizon
January 2017 | China
In partnership with Adream Charitable Foundation and as part of the bank’s Born To Be programme, Deutsche Bank is investing in two multi-media classrooms called “Adream Centre” at two schools located in Beijing and Chongqing. The centres will offer eye-opening education and practical life skills to students. more

Sharing parenting experience with migrant families in Beijing
December 2016 | China
A child’s behaviour is a reflection of his relationship with his or her family. Children who are raised with love and respect tend to achieve higher levels of self-esteem and confidence when they grow up. more

Supporting orphans with cerebral palsy in Beijing
September 2016 | China
Since October 2015, Deutsche Bank China has supported Yi Rui Foundation on the rehabilitation of orphans with cerebral palsy as part of the Born to Be programme. more

Deutsche Bank Beijing volunteers decorate after-school community centre for migrant children
May 2016 | China
On Sunday, April 24, as part of the Bank’s Born to Be programme, 12 Deutsche Bank volunteers and their families from the Beijing branch helped paint and decorate the Vibrant Communities Heiqiao Centre, an after-school community learning centre located in a suburban area of Beijing, on its re-opening day. more

Deutsche Bank Shanghai volunteers visit strawberry farm with Weifang Sunshine House residents
May 2016 | China
The Shanghai branch of Deutsche Bank has supported Weifang Sunshine House for the past eight years, as part of the Bank’s Born to Be initiative. more

Celebrating Christmas with Yirui and children suffering from cerebral palsy
December 2015 | China
On December 27, two Beijing colleagues attended a special Christmas party organised by Yirui, a Deutsche Bank-supported organisation which provides free physical therapy treatment to children suffering from cerebral palsy. more

Healthy snack workshop for migrant families in Beijing
December 2015 | China
On Saturday, December 5, two Deutsche Bank Beijing volunteers gave a lecture on nutrition to children at INCLUDED Heiqiao Centre. The workshop was attended by 30 migrant families. more

Annual gathering with mentally-challenged children in Shanghai
December 2015 | China
On Saturday, December 19, 12 volunteers from Deutsche Bank Shanghai spent a great afternoon with disabled students from Weifang Sunshine House to celebrate the holiday season. more

Born to Be – Deutsche Bank changes the lives of orphaned children in China
March 2016 | China
Many orphaned children in China grow up in an institutionalized environment. OneSky, a non-profit working in China, is dedicated to enriching the lives of orphaned children through nurturing programmes and caregiver training. more

Deutsche Bank partners with Yi Rui Foundation to help cerebral palsy orphans reach their full potential
August 2015 | China
When a child has cerebral palsy, simple acts such as walking independently become extremely difficult exercises. more

Deutsche Bank China volunteers gives back to community through Corporate Volunteering Month
May 2015 | China
May 2015 marked Deutsche Bank China’s first Corporate Volunteering Month, where 56 employees from three branches across China volunteered a total of 273 hours through various volunteering activities. more

Born to Be – Inspiring migrant children to explore science
June 2015 | China
In an effort to inspire migrant children toward science and broaden their horizons, Deutsche Bank and INCLUDED, an NGO partner of the Bank focusing on educating migrant children, organised a science education tour at Guangdong Science Centre on Saturday, June 6. 30 migrant children aged between eight and ten attended the tour, accompanied by 22 volunteers from Deutsche Bank Guangzhou Branch. more

Born to Be -- Teach for China Fellows improve academic outcomes for students in Shantou
January 2015 | China
As part of Born to Be, Deutsche Bank currently supports Teach For China Fellows (recent Chinese graduates) to teach full-time in schools in Guangdong. In order to combat educational inequality in the country, Teach For China Fellows provide in-classroom instruction to over 9,000 low-income students in Guangdong, where there is a need for excellent teachers. more

Born to be -- Sports Games at INCLUDED Xinan Centre enhance bonds between parents and children
December 2014 | China
In an effort to develop children’s interests in sports and foster closer relationships between migrant-worker parents and their children, Deutsche Bank and its long-term partner INCLUDED co-organised a session of family sports games for the children at the INCLUDED Xinan Centre. More than 30 children between two to four years old attended the sports games with their parents on December 13, with 10 Deutsche Bank staff from the Shanghai Credit Risk Management team volunteering at the event as judges and team leaders. more

Fulfilling Christmas wishes of Guangdong children who live apart from their parents
December 2014 | China
During the month of December, children living in the rural areas of Guangdong had a rare treat. Deutsche Bank China, in collaboration with Teach for China (TFC), a Deutsche-Bank supported non-profit, held a very special Christmas gift drive, delighting the children during the holiday season. more

Interview workshop with college students in Tianjin
November 2014 | China
Every year, the recruitment season in China starts in November and ends in June the following year. To help students Tianjin University of Finance & Economics (TUFE) prepare themselves, 10 volunteers from Deutsche Bank China’s Tianjin Branch organised an interview workshop on Saturday, November 22, which was attended by nearly 50 postgraduates and teachers from the college’s career centre. The well-organised and practical session received much positive feedback. more

Born to Be -- Visit to INCLUDED Heiqiao Centre in Beijing
November 2014 | China
On Saturday, November 1, nine Deutsche Bank volunteers visited migrant children at the INCLUDED Heiqiao Centre, an after-school community learning centre located in a suburban area of Beijing. more

Inspiring Migrant Children to Create Art with Cai Guo-Qiang
October 2014 | China
On October 19, Deutsche Bank volunteers and migrant children from Pudong, Shanghai enjoyed creating artworks inspired by the work of famous Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang. more

Happy Movie Day and Mid-autumn Festival celebration with Weifang Sunshine House
August 2014 | China
On Aug 23 and Sep 3, volunteers from Deutsche Bank Shanghai and students from Weifang Sunshine House – a charity for mentally challenged students founded by the Chinese government – enjoyed a Happy Movie Day and Mid-autumn Festival Celebration together in Shanghai. more

Deutsche Bank volunteers spend day with migrants at INCLUDED Xinan Centre
April 2014 | China
On April 4, 11 Deutsche Bank volunteers visited migrant children and parents at the INCLUDED Xinan Centre, which is located in a suburban area of Shanghai, China. These children, aged between three and 12, come from migrant families that work at the nearby wholesale farmers’ market. The children and parents regularly visit the after-school centre for schoolwork tutoring, computer lessons, reading in the library, and urban life skills training. more

Strawberry picking with Weifang Sunshine House in Shanghai
May 2014 | China
On May 10, 13 Deutsche Bank volunteers from China accompanied 14 students from Weifang Sunshine House on a strawberry picking activity in Pudong, Shanghai. more

Born to Be – Deutsche Bank volunteers help heal smiles and transform lives in Zhengzhou, China
April 2014 | China
For the third year running, Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation is supporting Operation Smile China Medical Mission (OSCMM) in its goal to transform lives. Building on the success of mission trips in the last two years with OSCMM, 15 Deutsche Bank volunteers, from various countries across Asia, joined credentialled medical professionals from around the world on April 10 to 15 to help provide specialised cleft lip and palate treatments for patients in Zhengzhou, China. more

Deutsche Bank celebrates the new year with Weifang Sunshine House
February 2014 | China
On Sunday, February 16, volunteers from Deutsche Bank and students from Weifang Sunshine House in Shanghai enjoyed the Lantern Festival gathering together – Deutsche Bank China’s first Corporate Responsibility event in 2014. Deutsche Bank started its partnership with Weifang – a charity for mentally challenged students founded by the Chinese government – in 2009. Deutsche Bank organises quarterly outings and lunchtime teaching sessions to help the students gain a better perception of the world. more

Deutsche Bank sponsors new learning resources for elementary schools in China
November 2013 | China
In collaboration with Teach for China (TFC), Deutsche Bank sponsored new learning resources including projectors, dictionaries and whiteboards for elementary schools in Guangdong Province, China in November. The resources arrived just in time to make the children’s winter warmer and more hopeful. more

Outing to Chocolate Happy Land with students from Weifang Sunshine House
November 2013 | China
On Saturday, November 2, 12 volunteers from Deutsche Bank Shanghai attended a corporate responsibility activity with 15 students from Weifang Sunshine House. Sponsored by Deutsche Bank Shanghai, the volunteers took the students on an outing to Chocolate Happy Land. The first time visiting Chocolate Happy Land, it was a fresh and extraordinary experience for the students. more

INCLUDED celebrates two-year anniversary of China’s first container community centre
June 2013 | China
On June 9, a team of seven Deutsche Bank volunteers organized a visit to INCLUDED Heiqiao Centre in Beijing to celebrate with the center’s two-year anniversary with the migrant children who attended activities there. more

Deutsche volunteers bring smiles to Neijiang, China
June 2013 | China
In continuing celebration of the tenth anniversary of Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation (DBAF) this year, a second volunteer exchange trip to was organised from June 19 to 25. 19 volunteers from five countries across Asia Pacific spent five long hectic days with Operation Smile on a medical mission in Neijiang, a prefecture-level city in Sichuan Province in southwest of China. more

Deutsche Bank and Teach for China
June 2013 | China
On May 16 and 17, three Deutsche Bank employees from the Chongqing office and one from the Beijing office visited four Teach for China affiliated schools located in Yunnan, China. more

Deutsche Bank volunteers start off the year with Weifang Sunshine House
January 2013 | China
17 volunteers from Deutsche Bank Shanghai started off the new year with 15 students from Weifang Sunshine House, a organization helping children with mental and physical disabilities, on January 19. The group spent two hours in Papa John’s, working in pairs to make pizzas from various ingredients. The end products not only filled the bellies of the students and the volunteers, they also gave each and every one of them a sense of fulfilment. more

Senior staff visits Sunshine House
August 2012 | China
Participants in Deutsche Bank’s China Leadership Development Programme, a training programme for the Bank’s senior staff, spent a day away from the training rooms to visit Sunshine House in Shanghai’s Weifang Community on August 16. more

‘Hand-in-Hand’ with the handicapped
July 2012 | China
On April 14, Deutsche Bank Group Technology and Operations (GTO) in China held their first ‘Hand-in-Hand’ activity for the year. In 2011, our GTO colleagues organized ‘Hand-in-Hand’ visits to nine families with family members who are severely handicapped. This year, they decided to take the families out for the day. more

Giving students from Sunshine School a new experience through clay modeling
June 2012 | China
On June 21, 2012, ten volunteers from Deutsche Bank Beijing gave over twenty students from Sunshine School a new experience by introducing clay modeling. The activity proved very popular among the students who used their imagination to shape various objects by hand. more

Environmental conservation in Shanghai and Beijing
March 2012 | China
To kick off Earth Week, on March 17, 48 volunteers from Deutsche Bank Shanghai, including friends and family members, participated in a tree-planting activity at Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences Zhuanghang Center in Fengxian District. A total of 120 maple saplings were planted. The unpleasant smell of the soil, due to the naturally occurring organic fertilizers, did not affect the volunteers’ enthusiasm. Tree planting was then followed by strawberry picking at a garden nearby. Everyone enjoyed themselves at this meaningful event despite the hard work. more

Book launch: Monetary policy and economic development in post-war Germany
March 2012 | China
On March 16, the Chinese Academy Of Social Sciences held a book launch event for a translated book: Währungspolitik und Wirtschaftsentwicklung in Nachkriegsdeutschland «德国马克与经济增长» (Monetary policy and economic development in post-war Germany). more

Deutsche Bank provides breakfast for impoverished schools
April 2012 | China
A mere RMB1,000 (EUR160) is enough to provide a healthy breakfast – milk and bread – for the 439 students and teachers in Pin'an Zhai and Jiunaishan Primary Schools located in Nu River County of Yunnan Province in South China. These two schools are tucked away in the mountains, at least an hour away from the nearest townships in an area poor in natural resources and where students come from impoverished families. The government has started to subsidise lunches at schools but most of these students start their day with a long walk to school on empty stomachs. more

‘Edelweiss’ with students from Weifang Sunshine House
February 2012 | China
Since 2007, Deutsche Bank volunteers have been regularly spending their lunchtime with students with mental disabilities from Weifang Sunshine House. The first lunchtime session this year was held on 23 February, where seven volunteers conducted a music class for the students. more

Deutsche Bank Guangzhou lends a helping hand for a home restoration project
January 2012 | China
In 2010, Deutsche Bank China lent a helping hand to a home restoration project in Conghua, Changliu village, Guangdong province in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity. more

Deutsche Bank and the Berliner Philharmoniker
November 2011 | China
After the tours in 1979 and 2005, the world renowned Berliner Philharmoniker came to China for the third time. On November 13, 120 Deutsche Bank guests were treated to a live concert at the Shanghai Grand Theatre. The concert was conducted by Sir Simon Rattle, who has been the Orchestra's chief conductor and artistic director since 2002. more

Deutsche Bank supports "Medical Corner" in Qinghai, China
December 2011 | China
Deutsche Bank, with Zeng Minjie & Yang Hao Community Uniluv Foundation, will be supporting the Medical Corner Project in Jiqu Boarding School in rural areas of Yushu, Qinghai Province from 2012 to 2014. more

Deutsche Bank awarded "Low-Carbon Pioneer" by China Academy of Social Sciences and 21st Century Business Herald
November 2011 | China
Deutsche Bank has been named a "Low-Carbon Pioneer" in a sustainability initiative survey jointly conducted by China Academy of Social Sciences Urban Development and Environment Research Center and the 21st Century Business Herald. more

Visiting students and orphans at New Day Foster Home in Beijing
November 2011 | China
On October 29, a group of staff volunteers from Deutsche Bank Beijing visited New Day Foster Home and had a tour of the new two-story center, which operates as a home for 23 children and a school for another 30 children who are living with families in the area. more

Deutsche Bank Shanghai explored nature with Sunshine House students
November 2011 | China
On November 13, a group of 10 colleagues from Deutsche Bank Shanghai visited Shanghai Botanical Gardens with Sunshine House students to explore nature. more

Deutsche Bank sponsors the 14th Beijing Music Festival
October 2011 | China
The Deutsche Bank Night of the 14th Beijing Music Festival was successfully held at the Forbidden City Concert Hall on 25 October. more

Deutsche Bank China recognized as "2011 Public Welfare Contributing Partner" by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation
October 2011 | China
China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) awarded Deutsche Bank China the "2011 Public Welfare Contributing Partner" accolade in an award ceremony held on 17 October in Beijing, in recognition of the Bank’s continuous efforts in improving education in poverty-stricken regions in China. more

Deutsche Bank partners Green and Shine Foundation to promote good reading practices in village schools
October 2011 | China
Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation recently established a partnership with Green and Shine Foundation in China in the “Green and Shine Study” volunteer programme which began in September 2011. more

Deutsche Bank volunteers, with Beijing Bank Association, visits Tong Xin Primary School
September 2011 | China
On 17 September, the steering committee of Beijing Banking Association organized a volunteering event. 60 volunteers from Deutsche Bank and 10 other foreign banks made a trip to Tong Xin Primary School at Jinzhan Village in Chaoyang district, China. more

Deutsche Bank Sponsors the 14th Beijing International Music Festival
October 2011 | Beijing
Deutsche Bank will be sponsoring the 14th Beijing International Music Festival (BMF), opening on 6 October this year. “Fostering creativity and supporting cultural events” has been a corporate CSR theme of Deutsche Bank and it is the fourth time the Bank is sponsoring this festival. more

Solar power for under-resourced schools in Qinghai province, China
June 2011 | China
Qinghai province in northwest China is the fourth largest province in China and one of the poorest. Many rural schools have no electricity - making access to computer literacy difficult. more

Deutsche Bank Shanghai celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with Sunshine House
October 2011 | China
On Friday, 2 September, 12 volunteers from Deutsche Bank Shanghai celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with the physically and mentally challenged students from Sunshine House in the Weifang Community. more

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