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Deutsche Bank sponsors new learning resources for elementary schools in China

November 2013 │ China

In collaboration with Teach for China (TFC), Deutsche Bank sponsored new learning resources including projectors, dictionaries and whiteboards for elementary schools in Guangdong Province, China in November. The resources arrived just in time to make the children’s winter warmer and more hopeful.

Dictionaries were purchased for students in Shenxi Elementary School. When the students received the dictionaries on November 23, they could not wait and immediately started using the dictionaries. “With this dictionary, I can learn more new words on my own, and I believe I will get a better performance in the test,” said Jianhua, one of the students, when she received her new dictionary.

Chen He Po School received whiteboards and markers, which were used in music classes, where the students started to learn rhythms. When the students saw the teacher entering the room with the whiteboards, they would become extremely excited. With the whiteboards, not only have the students learnt to listen better, become more invested and confident in music, they have also gained an interest to learn rhythms and music theory. The teachers plan to expand the usage of the whiteboards to teach English and dictations. 

The biggest purchase, a projector for Lao Wu Xiang Elementary School, helps improves teaching and retains the attention and learning process of the children. As an award for a week’s hard work, the projector was used to screen a documentary film ‘The story of the dinosaur’ for the children. Watching the characters that they have read about in books and imagined in their minds turn into images in front of their eyes was a magical experience. The screening was also a treat for some of the children who worked in factories after school and rarely had leisure time.

The new learning materials would go a long way in furthering the education of the children and encourage the children to do well in school. The teachers thanked the Bank on the students’ behalf for the donation.

TFC is working to end education inequality in China by enlisting the most promising young graduates leaders from China and the United States, and training them as full-time teachers for two years in under-resourced schools in China. Find out more about TFC by visiting

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