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Deutsche Bank volunteers, with Beijing Bank Association, visits Tong Xin Primary School

September 2011 │ China

On 17 September, the steering committee of Beijing Banking Association organized a volunteering event. 60 volunteers from Deutsche Bank and 10 other foreign banks made a trip to Tong Xin Primary School at Jinzhan Village in Chaoyang district, China.

Tong Xin Primary school was founded in 2005 and built by more than 100 student volunteers and workers over a period of one and a half months. It is a semi-boarding school open to the children of migrant workers, allowing them to have a proper formal education.

The corporate volunteers, together with students from grade two to six, were divided into four groups, each tasked with one of the following: reorganizing reading materials, repairing furniture, redecorating classroom and reinforcing bookshelves. Despite the hard work, the campus was filled with cheerful laughter and joy, both volunteers and students working together to create a better future for the school. Volunteers also donated 294 books to the school to build up an enriching library for the students.

 A Deutsche Bank volunteer who decorated the classrooms with the students commented, “The children were proactive, creative and actually did a great job. I was touched by their passion. Despite the current living conditions, it is important that we continue to extend care and concern for the migrant children and continue to empower them so as to increase their sense of self-confidence and allow them to discover their full potential.”

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