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Deutsche Bank Taipei participates in improvisation workshops for the visually impaired

Deutsche Bank Taipei participates in improvisation workshops for the visually impaired

December 2011 │ Taiwan

Together with Asian Cultural Council Taiwan Foundation (ACCTF) and Ah-Gan Organization, Deutsche Bank recently concluded its participation in an improvisation dance workshop for the visually impaired that embodied the virtues of truth, compassion and beauty.

In the workshops, participants were led to experience a pleasurable, free-flowing dance form known as contact improvisation. It is a movement form uniquely suited to blind and deaf/blind people because it is based on the sense of touch. These workshops lead to significantly extended physical mobility, improved body image and greater self confidence in everyday life for participants.

A total of eight sessions were conducted for 30 students from the Taipei School for the Visually Impaired on four consecutive Saturdays in December 2011.

The project met with great success with the teachers and Deutsche Bank volunteers participating as well. Through physical contact without verbal exchanges, the interactions between the visually-impaired and Deutsche Bank volunteers initiated the simplest form of exchange between people. Mutual trust gradually built up during the sessions and gradually, the visually-impaired participants led others into their world using the most primal and direct body language.

"I found it very special and rewarding as this has been the first time I had the chance to explore the world of the visually impaired which is dramatically different from the one we have been so accustomed to. This is a very unique experience to me", said one of the participants from the Bank. "I am so impressed by the positive attitude of the students who are very keen to learn new things. Through participating in the activity, it is hearterning to be able to give more to others who are in need of care,” added another volunteer.

All in all, this invaluable exchange has undoubtly enriched the lives of all participants and offered the opportunity for everyone involved to experience the warmth of tolerance and trust.

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