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Deutsche Bank celebrates International Women's Day

March 2012 │ Asia

As part of broader commitment to diversity and to the community, Deutsche Bank organized a series of activities contributing toward women's causes across Asia to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March.


• In Hong Kong, the Deutsche Bank Hong Kong Women's Network (HKWN) sold 750 roses to staff to raise EUR 5,500 for Pathfinders, a local charity empowering vulnerable migrant mothers and babies born in Hong Kong.

• In Singapore, the Bank partnered with the Singapore Heart Foundation to raise funds for women in Singapore as part of the latter’s global "Go Red for Women" campaign. The Bank made a fixed donation to the cause for every staff who came to office dressed in red.  More than EUR 5,500 was raised.

• Deutsche Bank India arranged a variety of activities, including medical camps for female students studying at government schools, medical camps for women at semi rural areas and fund-raising activities

• In China, the Bank partnered with "Rural Women" – a non-governmental organisation which promotes rural women’s rights – to organize a book donation drive to support the Rural Women Library project. The project lasts till end March 2012 and EUR 1,200 has been raised as of mid-March 2012.

• In Philippines, Deutsche Bank celebrated this day as part of a larger "Women's Month" campaign in the month of March which will see a variety of activities being organized, including Women's Month socials, inviting the employees to wear red in support of global "Go Red for Women" campaign, awareness sessions on cervical and breast cancer, and workshops on themes such as livelihood skills, self defense for women, women in the workplace and corporate imaging.

• In Korea, Deutsche Bank staff held a charity bazaar between 5 to 8 March to support the Women Migrants Human Rights Centre. Employees were encouraged to bring something valuable to donate to the four-day bazaar.  Over 50 items were donated and a total of EUR 2,500 was raised from the proceeds of the sale which were donated back to the Women Migrants Human Rights Centre.

• Deutsche Bank Malaysia partnered with Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) and organized a workshop on breast cancer awareness that included a demonstration to educate staff.  Pink Ribbon souvenirs were sold on the day, and the total amount raised from the sale and general donations was EUR 700, which was donated to BCWA.

• Deutsche Bank Vietnam visited Mái Ấm Tình Mẹ Center and donated cash and other necessities.  The Mái Ấm Tình Mẹ Center have saved over 2,000 sick babies by placing them back in the care of their families.

• In Indonesia, the Bank organized a health talk on breast cancer and cervical cancer for female employees. Additionally, the Bank made a donation to Yayasan Sahabat Wanita which funds vocational training for women in Cisauk, Tangerang , west Jakarta.

• In Thailand, the Bank organized a "Fund Raising Day" with various activities. EUR 700 was raised and donated to “The Foundation for Women.”

• In collaboration with the non-governmental organisation Rehnuma Family Planning Association of Pakistan, Deutsche Bank Pakistan organized a theatre play aimed at creating awareness of domestic violence against women for the women of Mouch Goth, a poor locality in Karachi.

• Deutsche Bank Taiwan held a two-day charity bazaar over 8 and 9 February, during which employees donated 60 items for sale.  Approximately EUR 2,200 was raised for the Child Welfare League Foundation.

• In Sri Lanka, the Bank in collaboration with Good Shephard Convent, sponsored a programme for 50 women in the Katunayake Free Trade Zone who are currently facing severe social, financial and mental problems. 

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