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Deutsche Bank offers immediate relief to flood-affected victims

August 2012 │ Philippines

The severe flooding that inundated the Philippines' main island of Luzon the week of August 6 wrought damage and devastation on a massive scale, affecting over three million people in 36 cities and 167 municipalities in 16 provinces.

To assist the government's relief efforts, employees from Deutsche Bank Manila, joined by family members and friends, trooped to the Department of Social Welfare and Development's (DSWD) National Resource Operations Center on August 11. The DSWD was providing food and other necessities to the flood victims, but lacked the manpower to quickly assemble the relief packages. Our volunteers were eager to jump in to assist.

The Deutsche Bank volunteers were led to one of several warehouses in the DSWD compound, where sacks of rice and boxes of canned and packaged goods needed to be repacked for distribution. Numerous tables had been set up spanning the length of the warehouse where volunteers could join an assembly line to prepare the relief packages. The team from Deutsche Bank was joined by a steady flow of volunteers of different nationalities and age groups who had all come to help.

For Celia Orbeta, Head of Direct Securities Services Head in Manila, it was a tiring but immensely fulfilling experience. Aching joints and muscles notwithstanding, our corporate volunteers were already planning their next relief project before they went home for the day.

The DSWD staff expressed their gratitude to the volunteers who contributed their time and effort to help expedite the deployment of food packs to the flood victims.

Deutsche Bank has also committed to providing financial assistance to the Philippine Red Cross to use in its relief operations and to purchase aluminum boats that proved useful during the flooding.

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Last Update: September 7, 2012
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