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Deutsche Knowledge Services’ Sportsfest brings joy to Virlanie children

April 2012 │ Philippines

As part of Deutsche Knowledge Services' (DKS) CSR initiatives, David Keen, Chief Executive Officer of DKS joined the volunteers on April 21 at a sports festival organised by DKS CSR Committee and dubbed “Palarong Pambatang Pinoy!” for some 40 children under the auspices of Virlanie Foundation.

The DKS training rooms on the 18th floor of the Bank’s office at Net Quad were literally turned into a huge playground. Filled with balloons, strings and rice sacks to be used for various games, the children and the 50 volunteers from DKS gathered together for a morning of fun-filled activities.

Games ranged from Pinoy relay (consisting of piko, sack race, luksong baka and patintero) and a full-fledged balloon war where participants had to burst balloons tied to each others’ ankles.

“It is amazing how balloons and strings can bring life to people,” David remarked at the end of the event.

The children were all treated to lunch after the games.  The volunteers also witnessed a heartwarming sight as some kids saved some of their meals to bring home to their siblings, who were not able to join them. As the sportsfest wrapped up, the DKS CSR team presented another gift to the Virlanie Foundation: 200 cans of sausages and 36 cup noodles for the Foundation's beneficiaries.

Virlanie Foundation is a non-government organisation (NGO) reaching out to street children (abandoned, abused, exploited, neglected, orphaned, poor) in need of special protection. Close to 200 staff and volunteers, supported by a network of donors and sponsors, touched the lives of 1,198 street children in 2011. Founded by French social worker Dominique Lemay and his Filipino friends, the non-profit foundation is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

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