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Deutsche visits Pali Ashramshala, a school for tribal children

July 2013 │ India

Deutsche visits Pali Ashramshala, a school for tribal children Deutsche Bank started its engagement with Wavloli Ashramshalam, better known to volunteers as Pali Ashramshala, in 2012, when volunteers visited this school for tribal children to assess the academic and welfare conditions. Since then, developing Pali Ashramshala has been on Deutsche’s Corporate Responsibility agenda in India.

A group of Deutsche volunteers in Mumbai has developed a variety of initiatives to improve the school and the lives of its 800 students at Pali Ashramshala. In its quarterly engagements with the school, Deutsche has contributed funding, in-kind donations, and skills-based volunteering.

On their second visit of the year, the volunteers planned a three-fold programme – a stationery donation, clothes donation and a tree planting drive. The school has expressed a need for stationery and the volunteers immediately rose to the challenge and worked at raising funds for this. They went on to use their vendor contacts to help the school procure the stationery, negotiating prices but not comprising on quality. A volunteer remarked that knowing that this will help the children study even a little better was his greatest reward.

Other employees also donated usable old clothes amounting to more than 30 kilogrammes, while some volunteers assisted in segregating and packing these clothes to be further used by the school’s students and their families.

The highlight of the event was the tree planting activity, where, not heeding the heavy downpour, volunteers dug up the grounds and planted 60 saplings. It was an enriching experience in the abundance of nature.

The day-long event also comprised a facility tour for senior management, Sunil Sumbramaniam (Head of GFS), Arijeet Banerjee (Head of GCRT), and Nilesh Kumar (Head of Business Engineering), who appreciated the long-standing engagement and appreciated the efforts of volunteers.
The day ended on a high note with laughing children and smiling volunteers – all eagerly awaiting the next volunteering activity with the school.

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Last Update: August 1, 2013
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