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Giving students from Sunshine School a new experience through clay modeling

June 2012 │ China

On June 21, 2012, ten volunteers from Deutsche Bank Beijing gave over twenty students from Sunshine School a new experience by introducing clay modeling. The activity proved very popular among the students who used their imagination to shape various objects by hand.

One volunteer remarked, "I believed the works were the beauties of lives in the makers’ eyes".  Another volunteer was amazed with the creativity that came through in the artworks, "With the green trees, the blossoming flowers and the snowman, the seasons slowly unfolded in front of you.  The kittens, ducks, birds, turtles and chicken reminded me of a farm in the village.  Suddenly, McDonald’s French fries, coke and hamburger dragged you back to the modern world.” 

The volunteers were continually surprised during this lunch teaching period with the students. Towards the end of the activity, every student picked their favorite artwork for their group photo. It was a very proud and happy occasion for them, as in that moment, their accomplishment was captured by the camera.

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Last Update: July 24, 2012
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