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GRC Team Participates in Real Life Foundation's Feeding Programme

October 2012 │ Philippines

On October 20, Kapasigan Pasig was filled with laughter and playfulness. During that day, volunteers from the Group Risk Control (GRC) team of the Financial Reporting Workstream reached out to local children by assisting with the feeding programme run by Real Life Foundation, and organising activities for the children. Real Life Foundation’s focus is to assist underprivileged but highly competent youth with their schooling up until college.

The feeding programme, which was spearheaded by GRC’s Socials committee, was an offshoot of the foundation’s initial drive to gather children and show them the good opportunities that await them if they finish their studies.  Currently, the foundation has 175 scholars nationwide in various education levels and courses.

The day kicked off with an ice-breaking activity to energise the children.  After this, each volunteer began to interact and socialise with one to two children.  Some played tag games, whilst the others sat in a circle and played hand games.

As an added surprise, the volunteers prepared a play that focused on having good manners and right conduct such as saying “Thank You”, not cursing, and not fighting with others.  After the presentation, the children were guided to where the feeding programme was.  They were served corned beef with rice, with multiple servings, if they wished.

To end the day, two former scholars gave a testimonial speech on how the foundation had helped them reach their dreams and through them, to help others reach their dreams, as well – a simple thought of paying it forward to improve the lives of the scholars for generations to come.

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